Celebrating our 14th year of serving the solar industry.

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DWP Solar Rebate sells simply better solar systems

We can save you thousands !

We offer investment grade solar systems at generic grade pricing.

Compare Arizona Solar Companies's investment grade grid tie solar systems to our competitor's offerings and you'll find that specification for specification our systems not only provide documented higher performance but also also a much quicker and more profitable return on your investment.

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Record low prices

Record low grid tie solar system prices

Lowest prices in history: Prices before incentives for grid tie solar systems that qualify for Arizona Solar Rebates have actually dropped as low as $1.66 a Watt. 75% lower than just 4 years ago.

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Solutions that make $ense

  • residential solar installations
    residential solutions

    Our investment grade solar systems make the ideal match for residential applications.

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  • Commercial Solar Installations

  • commercial solutions
  • With more than a decade of commercial experience, we're pros at providing solutions that work.

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